We started this company when we saw a need for something wearable — as well as fashionable — that would serve as a reminder of our commitment to stay clean and sober. Something WE wanted to wear and share, a tribute to sobriety. Hence the NMWMWN Dog Tag Necklace was born. When we shared it with our friends and groups, we got tremendously positive responses, and were asked for more tokens and reminder pieces like it. Our intention of spreading the message has brought us on this journey. We welcome your feedback, your blog posts, your event listings and anything you'd like to contribute to this online space to keep on the path...NO MATTER WHAT.
— Obi and Jen

  • Jen I.

    Graphic designer, business owner, ex-bartender, alcoholic. Happily in recovery, and just grateful for every day. This Jersey girl is now thriving in California, and living her best life.

  • Obi O.

    From Nigeria to Napa without skipping a beat. For this charismatic health care & fitness-focused business owner, addiction has been redirected into an incredible passion for bodybuilding. Let's Go Champ!

  • Sid V.

    Well, I'm just a dog, Jen's dog in fact. But my unconditional love is part of recovery too. I spread joy everywhere I go and remind people that every day is a good day, and if it isn't, pee on it, and move on. Woof.